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Our pricing is in Koyns. Hmmm...what is a "Koyn"?
Koyns are our internal currency that we use in all our systems. One Koyn is a 1/100th of an Indian Rupee (i.e. 1 paisa or approx 0.00014 USD) Click to read more...

After you buy Koyns from our payment gateway, you would need to generate the Koyn code for the entire packet of Koyns you bought. Do that using this link https://koyns.limenleap.com. Then paste the Koyn Code into our client PeerContent desktop application to deposit those Koyns. Don't worry about depositing some extra Koyns. They would get consumed as per usage.
*As members keep posting into the forum, the accumulated koyns that are remaining after the commission to the creator, would keep getting depleted slowly. Anyone cane easily deposit more Koyns into the forum using the form above, once the balance goes low.

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