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if peers have to be content
the content has to be crafted by peers

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To use this Peer Content forum platform, there is nothing much to do on our website. Just download this tiny Windows (32 bit) application archive. Unzip it at your computer, make sure you read the "README.txt" file and then run peercontent.exe

This utility manages ALL the forums that you may wish to create or join. Each forum is meant for generating high quality, rich content by a group of interested experts. Everyone remains anonymous so nobody's personalities come in the way.  It is a practically serverless P2P (Peer-to-peer) system where all the content is end-to-end encrypted. Hence your privacy is fully protected.

for those who care about content...

the Internet is abuzz with discussions and yet has so much poverty of useful content. People who could have contributed do not do so. Many just read. But many get overwhelmed. Or feel shy to contribute. Hence lot of discussions descend down into mediocrity. Whoever who is loudest wins or think they win. This further leads to propagation of fake news, wasted time...  Peer Content allows groups to generate high quality content without the personalities coming in the way

we salute you!

Each and everyone of you have something useful to say. Do you have a need to get together and generate some useful content pertaining to your area of interest?  Come and use our platform to create your own forum -- and make money too! Each member who joins up pays a joining fee for the forum, and you get a healthy commission from it!

psst... why are there photos of buskers here? Because these anonymous musicians get together and without their personalities coming the way, they produce great music! Note that Peer Content is for everyone. Not just for musicians. But for every group who is interested in valuable content!

let there be wisdom!

Lots of groups need lots of knowledge that needs to be carefully nurtured. There are many different situations where the content that is nurtured by a group of people is lot more important than the person/s who created the content.  Only then would there be a game chance for wisdom to emerge. If the agenda of a content creation is polluted by participants' personal desires and egos, then it is tough. 

Peer Content is that platform which you can use to manage pure P2P privacy protected, anonymized content forum.  Any number of forums. Any amount of content. Any amount of members in the forums!  Also; the content developed are downloaded to the forum members' own computers. All the activities are end-to-end encrypted  - so only the respective forum members can access their respective contents.